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This is a Test

February 24, 2011

Please fill out our Party Questionnaire so that we can make this shindig awesome!


oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I forgot I had a blog. typical.

September 24, 2010

I mean, is there really anything to say? I fell off of the face of the earth…this was not unexpected. I swear on my closed toe (it’s FALL?!) shoes that I will write some posts. Soon. Seriously. Like, on Sunday.

In the meantime, rest assured that I have been keeping myself very very busy, and have been compiling things to write about. Really, I joined a League. Like an internationally recognized one. Supposedly it used to be hard to get into, but judging by the conversation over blood orange margaritas (rocks, salt) that my new Provisional friends and I induldged in last night, they’re totally letting in riffraff. Hah.

Also, new apartment. Never ever ever ever taking on a painting project like the one we just finished EVER again. EVER. ugh. Everything I own is covered in paint.

Details to follow.  HUGS LOVE BLOGS.

Fire Drill

August 4, 2010

The fire alarm went off this morning at 8:25. We ignored it. At first.

Eventually a voice started sounding out of the alarm itself instructing us to head to the stairwells as there had been an alarm detected in the building. With much dragging of feet, last sips of coffee, saving of files, and a good deal of groaning we obediently shuffled to the stairwell. Did I mention I work on the 8th floor?

We went down. Looked around. Were informed that it was a false alarm (I’m convinced someone burnt a bagel and set of their smoke detector). My coworker and I looked at the crowd waiting for the elevators, which hadn’t even begun operating yet, and decided to hoof it. Back up. The 8 floors.

We only talked for about the first 4 floors, after which point we just huffed and puffed and I took off my heels.

I’m a little sweaty.

The New Leaf

July 28, 2010

I recently changed my voicemail.

It was basically because I got a new job (more on that in a second) and was tired of having my 13 year old self cheerily advising the world that I wasn’t available. I then went on a long walk with my best friend and discussed ways in which I can improve my life, happiness, health, and time management. I’m currently missing my out-of-state boyfriend more than I realized was possible and think I need to keep myself very busy. I felt like I’d “turned over a new leaf,” so to speak. Long story short, after a tweet about my proverbial leaf turning, my father very sweetly inquired whether I was referring to my new voicemail in my tweet. Technically, no, it wasn’t. However, I guess you could say the new grown-up voicemail represents the changes I’m making to improve my life.

I am going to be (I hope) walking at least a few miles a few times a week; mostly for sanity’s sake. Do you know sanity? She and I aren’t very well acquainted but I feel I should do something for her sake. Maybe she’ll come for a visit. I’ll also be eating better and going to the gym, joining a young women’s community service organization, and joining an a capella group (singing is my favorite thing).  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m trying to cut back on the amount I drink when I go out, as well as the amount of nights a week I partake. Instead, I’ll be trying out recipes I’ve been meaning to make, and some craft projects that I’ve been reading about for months and have yet to attempt. Also I think there was something else but I forget.

Sidenote: Ripe peaches get stuck in my teeth just like corn on the cob does. This doesn’t affect my love for peaches, only increases the chances that my new coworkers think I’m a freak who picks her nose, teeth, fingernails. We’re going to a Phillies game tomorrow as an office. It’s 80s night. I’m wearing a romper. Furthering my coworkers impression that I’m a leeeetle bit of a freak.

I’ll letcha know how it goes. Leaf, turned. Now I just have to let it…grow. Am I mixing metaphors? Do I care?

Hello world!

July 26, 2010

Hello everyone! Rather than trying to avoid the awkwardness of first post jitters, I figure I’ll break the ice by quoting my 13 year old self’s SINGLE post on my livejournal:

“C ‘ est moi. I am the only person in this room, therefore, I am the most evil.”

I know. Deep, right? That was my first and last post in my original foray into online self published word vomit. Hopefully this time around I’ll not only stick with it a little longer than one post, but will also be slightly more insightful. But don’t hold your breath or anything, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone turning blue and/or fainting.

The goal here will be to entertain, occasionally enlighten, and regularly instigate fits of giggles. Giggles are my favorite.

Stay tuned. I remain optimistic about my interest in writing about myself.

My Man

July 26, 2010

On my birthday; I’m a real grown up now!

Window Frames

July 26, 2010

I have a goal. It is to stop drinking so much and to replace the time I spend drinking (copious amounts, believe me) with DIY projects. I love doing it myself. Or at least I think I do. Why wouldn’t I? How hard could it be?

First project: obtain an old window frame, find some mirrored glass to put in it, paint the aforementioned items with whimsical flowers and designs. I’ll let you know how it goes.